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Let`s reignite the era of great

single player games

We are an Austrian studio focusing on engaging single-player experiences that invite the players to see the world from a different perspective. We value transparency and an open-minded approach to game development, letting the community be part of every step of the creation. Our goal is not only to create outstanding experiences, but also to educate on the craftsmanship behind the games.

Stories, that make you feel.

At Reignite Games, we love to tell deep, emotional stories in our games. Our characters and plots are crafted to leave a lasting impression and make you truly care about their journeys.

Worlds, that make you think.

We design beautiful, exciting places that stimulate your imagination. These are not just backgrounds for the game; they are part of the adventure itself. Each world is filled with secrets to uncover and mysteries to solve, inviting you to explore and discover.

Gameplay, that makes you smile.

We focus on gameplay and are dedicated to creating experiences that resonate with the core gaming community. That means emphasizing combat, strategy, and the thrill of victory.


Meet the Founders

Raffael Moser


Raff is making sure that the gears keep turning in the team as well as in the codebase. When he is not reworking the system architecture of Panta Rhei you will either find him advocating for game dev at local schools or trying to get people to test his boardgame prototypes.

Nicolas Vana

Game Design Lead

Nicolas views his project as his life's 
work, and he makes sure it takes a 
unique and interesting turn. Most 
likely, you will observe him adjusting the gameplay to achieve the best outcomes on the concept board or in the game engine.

Max-Albert Schulz

Art Lead

Max is a versatile 3D and Tech artist who brings creativity and technical expertise to every project. Whether meticulously crafting stunning visual elements or optimising complex systems, he ensures a harmonious blend of artistry and technology. Beyond sculpting and texturing, Max has diverse interests extend to being an avid board game enthusiast and pet lover.


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